Friday, January 4, 2013

The Restless Native Speaks

I break my silence.

You see, I am haunted by an American dream.  It hit me about four years ago stuck in rush hour traffic on a business trip in L.A.  I realized in that moment that I had become a sheep.  I was sleep deprived, unhappy in my business, relationships lacked and I sat there on the 405 with tears streaming down my face.  I frantically looked out at the other driver’s.  Did they sense they had been “duped” too?  How did I, a rebel by many, an individualist, a self employed artist doing what I love, become a sheep?  When did I become the lost lamb?  How?  The questions soon gave way to this:  “how do I live a life with more meaning?”  And if I am feeling this way, me, who prided myself in living so free, as a society we must be collectively feeling the “numbing down of America”.   My eyes darted to the other driver’s again and then to the billboard claiming:  “It’s the real thing”. 

In my past I conjure up road trips across the United States, particularly through the west in the back of our family station wagon with Glen Campbell on the eight track.  Unique cafes, conversations with locals running them, stores that weren’t chains, but proud and different. I remember when folks weren’t in a hurry.  For Christmas this year, my dad sent an old photo of his dad as a boy and my great grand dad moving from Burke Idaho to California in their 1916 model T.  Under the photo my dad wrote, “how far we have come, but where are we going”?  He knows of my mission.  He feels it too.   I am in search of that land of opportunity, uniqueness and hope known as the United States of America, the greatest free world known to man.  Maybe I am a little late.  Maybe I am about two generations too late. 

My search for the “American dream” has brought me on a personal journey that I know is a global journey; I know I am not alone in this quest.  I search for meaning in a big box world.


This is my journey through the forgotten fields, alleys and storefronts in our suburban landscape to meet the amazing people who call home the United States of America.  I want to know you, your neighbor, your Dad, whoever you know weaving the web of hope in these times through a creative life worth living.  Won't you get in, roll your window down and  come along for the ride with me and my trusty dog, Lamb Chop?  

It is time...time to honor and elate over the ordinary lives that are actually sacred and extraordinary through living a life with passion and purpose.  My goal is to create hope and inspiration to a life worth living, but I need you too.  Please email me your stories, your triumphs or that of another living the artistic life, whether it's a Wal-mart greeter who cares or an amazing musician, I care not; it is about that amazing soul who is making a difference in our restless suburban wilderness.  

We're all in this boat together, we inspire each other.  Can't wait to hear and share stories from the road.  To you all who inspire me, remember, staying true to your truth is the same thing as being an artist.

Restless in Boulder,

The Anglo Maiden and the Golden Maiden

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  1. Where did you go Anglo Maiden? Please come back...... (with more posts on your blog..... your insight and information is very inspiring)