Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Who IS this Anglo Maiden?

On new year's day I had the good fortune of attending the Turtle Dance at the Taos Pueblo to ring in the new year.  There are no photos or cell phones allowed (hallelujah), so here is a collage I made to suffice...

As I watched in curiosity,  my mind raced....who is my tribe?  What are my rituals as a community and a country?  Where are my greener pastures?!

The Anglo Maiden is the princess and the warrior in each of us.

A friend of mine puts it well, she calls it Fierce Grace.  You know what I'm talking about.  Often it's that teeny thread between hope and hopelessness.  Anglo Woman is the woman who bucks up for her kids, even when there is often no one there for her.  Anglo Woman is the woman taking the bus home alone from chemotherapy.  Anglo woman knows the healing power of touch, of reaching out.  Anglo Woman falls down and gets back up again and again.  Anglo Woman seeks out her tribe regardless of ridicule.  Anglo Woman knows no color.  Anglo Woman is having the strength to go through when every fiber of your being wants to turn back.

Anglo Woman is me, it is you.

Just when I was going into a quiet "freak out"mode" at the Turtle Dance, I realized that I already have the tribe.  You do too. We are surrounded by amazing friends and family we call our "tribe". 

We  need only to look around, turn off our cell phones... and dance. 

With Fierce Grace,
The Anglo Maiden

Part of my New Orleans tribe....people ask us "why are you in costume?"  We're not!  This is us ready for a night on the town....








  1. Your blog is so inspiring and energizing. Have already consumed my quota of coffee and it's too early start on the red beer.....